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What are the minimum technical requirements for using CTCS?

How will my clients know my practice provides online scheduling?

What link should I provide to my Clients to make online scheduling easy?

How do I link CTCS online scheduling to my existing website?

I do not have a website; how will my clients be aware of this new service?

Does CTCS apply to all of my appointments?

What plans do you have for supporting other practice management software?

What is involved in stopping the CTCS if I wish to do so?


How does CTCS know what is actually available in my schedule?

Can CTCS work with my existing software?

What happens when an TCS appointment is scheduled online by a patient?

Can the same appointment be booked twice online?

What kinds of appointments can be proposed to my clients?

How will I know a client has requested an appointment online?

How is it determined which appointment requests ultimately get put on my schedule?

Can the client select a specific provider within my practice?

What if I do not currently use scheduling software?

How long does it take to be up and running with CTCS?

Where can I see what the client will experience when booking an appointment with ClienTrax CS?

How does CTCS handle possible interruptions of service?

Can I customize the CTCS web-site pages in the same way that I can customize my communications?

Is there a way that vaccine reminders can be made to work as automatically as appointment reminders?

How do Media Center campaigns get set up? Does CTCS staff do that or can i do them myself?

How much customizing is possible with the communications that my practice sends out through AppointMaster?


Why will my clients use CTCS?

Does CTCS apply to new or existing clients?

Does the client see the actual schedule?

Does the client book real appointments in my practice schedule?

Can the client select the best time for them?

How does the client define his/her needs?

Does the client have to re-enter data every time?

What if one of my clients does not want to use CTCS?


I already have a web site that provides appointment requests, why is CTCS better?

Our office already uses a competing reminder system, why is CTCS better?


Does CTCS have any protection against online abuses so I do not get overwhelmed with fake appointments coming from my web site?

Are my data exposed to the Internet?

Can anyone access my account online?

Does CTCS provide any kind of backup?

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