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Free your staff from lengthy calls, while providing your clients with more flexibility in confirming their visits! 

Our state of the art system reminds and confirms client appointments quickly, easily and dependably. 





We automatically invite patients who received care in your office to complete a satisfaction survey form.

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  No shows? No excuse.

Clients can confirm appointments from any mobile device or directly from your website using our Client Portal. They can confirm with a simple key stroke or mouse click on any type of phone or computer. The system is available 24/7, anywhere, at any time, on any day. 

Your clients will love the convenience. You will love the results. 

  • Fewer empty chairs draining your business.

  • Fewer time-consuming phone calls for your busy staff.

  • More satisfied clients and a better image for your practice.


They may be costing you a lot!

Studies show that the No-Shows rate is significant in almost all appointment-driven businesses – from 10%-35% in some veterinary practices.  That amounts to hundreds of appointments that are simply evaporating from your books. What’s worse, this is in addition to all formally-cancelled appointments.


Filling a No-Show with another appointment is usually impossible. A No-Show is not predictable and by definition mostly occurs around the time of the appointment. This is simply revenue not realized which translates to revenue lost for your practice.


It's also difficult to compensate the No-Show loss by "fees."


First, No-Show fees only compensate for part of the revenue lost.  Also, they are difficult and delicate to collect.  Finally, the perception of No-Show fees is largely negative and has a tendency to drive clients away from your practice.


Other studies indicate that automatic phone reminders are extremely efficient, reducing the No-Show risk from 20%-70%.  Using the latest technology by reminding clients via their mobile phones is even more efficient since you can reach clients wherever they are.  CTCS offers the exclusive capability to reach clients by phone, email or text, or in any combination. This is the ultimate protection tool your practice can use to minimize the risk of No-Shows.




We automatically invite clients who received care in your office to complete a satisfaction survey form.

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