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Access everything... from anywhere... at anytime... from any mobile device.


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What could be better for you and your practice? 


You have complete control over the messages you send: you specify the cause of the closure, the dates you can't see clients, and which of your clients will receive the notice (for example, all of your clients or only those with scheduled appointments during the closure). CTCS mobile gives you the convenience that you need and the service your clients want. You won't miss a beat when traveling between offices, your staff can spend more time taking care of patients, and your practice will earn a reputation for cutting-edge service.

Check everything on your practice schedule

Get notified immediately of client requests & reply quickly

Check your list of confirmed clients

Automatically contact all schedule clients for emergencies

Phone, text, or email your clients



All of which means...

More Clients. More Revenue. Less Stress.

Now that's a winning formula!

With a simple finger tap, CTCS Mobile gets you in touch with the heart of your practice. No more time-consuming calls to staff.

(*) With CTCS Mobile you can quickly, reliably and automatically notify all your clients of emergency cancellations. It's a service that only our system provides.


Imagine inclement weather hits and you need to close down your office.

Would you spend frantic hours tracking down every patient with a scheduled appointment to cancel with them?

Would you trudge through snow to your office to send home clients who didn't get word?



You won't have to with CTCS Mobile. In just minutes, our exclusive software will automatically:

  • email, text or phone every clientt who has an appointment during the period your office will be closed

  • change time slots during this closed period to "unavailable" for online booking

  • cancel appointment reminders already in the system so the patient doesn't get conflicting notices



Clients can confirm appointments from any mobile device and receive automatic reminders via email, text message, or phone.

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