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Since 2008, the mission of AppointMaster has been to provide unparalleled, consistent and exceptional web based business management systems to a variety of small businesses, exceeding the expectations of our clients throughout the world.

We have the unprecedented ability to serve customers everywhere with the services they want, when they want, where they want and how they want.


Exciting business solutions such as CTCS, have emerged from our "innovation pipeline" with technological leaps enabling AppointMaster to own a leadership position in the web-based business management solutions service.


We will be in a strong position to help create business solutions


for a wide variety of small businesses by working with our customers and potential clients to understand issues that are common to their particular profession or industry, and leverage that knowledge very quickly. We will provide upgrades to existing systems and develop new ones in a rapid time frame. Our ability to provide highly customized solutions to varied markets, in a timely manner, will set us apart from the competition.


Our winning edge will come from our ability to help customers use our new technology, not from the technology itself. We will assist in customer implementation of the technology with a primary focus on customer service and satisfaction.


AppointMaster is prepared to meet future challenges with a spirit that is passionate and inspires us to take the next step. 


Why use CTCS?

ClienTrax Cloud Services (CTCS) is an online efficient, real-time, collaborative appointments management system for veterinaary practices. It can be used in with your local practice management software so you do not have to re-enter information twice.


CTCS allows your patients to make appointments with your office entirely online, exactly the way you book airline tickets today, without accessing or viewing your actual schedule.


CTCS uses today's technology to help busy patients and cost concerned practices to meet their goals. ClienTrax Cloud Services is to practices what CheapTickets/Orbitz/TicketMaster.. are to airlines, theaters or shows.




CTCS improves efficiency by offering:


  • Complete scheduling online or off-line (client-only)

  • Secure client booking online through smart search engine

  • Automatic appointments reminders using email or text messages.

  • Client satisfaction surveys.

  • 24/7 web and mobile access to the practice schedule for you and your staff.

  • Other communication tools such as birthday, re-activation


Better for your practice

CTCS unleashes the potential of your existing practice scheduling system by making it virtually available online, directly from your web site. As a result, your practice can now provide:


  • Real-Time Online Client Scheduling

  • Automatic Appointment Reminders

  • Custom Client Satisfaction Survey

  • Client Communication

  • 24 / 7 Online Doctor & Staff Access

  • All integrated to your Web Site

CTCS provides the online services you need to move your practice to the next level and give your clients a good reason to visit your web site frequently.


This is particularly important for your busy clients who don't have time to call your office and spend more time on their PDA or mobile phones.


It's cheaper for your practice, more efficient for your clients.
Why wait?



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